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Koutalas Beach and Sea Cave, Crete

Sea Cave

Koutalas Beach and Sea Cave in Crete was our next stop during our fall 2021 trip. When planning this trip, I found this spot on google maps while looking for another beach. On the map I noticed a photo icon with the caption, Descent into Cave. I knew at that moment, I would be finding this place. I saw that it wasn’t very far out of the way from our planned path so I told Steve about it and he was all in too.


Getting There

We tend to enjoy the back roads of Crete and getting to Koutalas Beach and Sea Cave was half the fun. We drove from Chania and then followed google maps. This is a fun drive and including driving through a small village and then onto dirt roads. Our GPS did not work, but fortunately we had a map with us. I also took a screen shot of my google map and directions. I was thinking ahead, as last time we were in Crete we lost GPS frequently. The road to the beach was not difficult but it was dirt and we did have a GPS. We may have made a few wrong turns but it all worked out!

Descent to the Cave

We parked above Koutalas Beach just in front of the spot in the above photo. The plan was to walk to the sea cave. There is a dirt road to the right and we noticed a car driving there. We decided to drive the road and see where it led us. It led us up a little further and then we saw the path to the right, which we assumed was the sea cave. Tthere was an area where a car could pull off safely and park so we did. Of course, there was a goat there!

Down to the Sea

The path is to the right and almost immediately becomes several stairs. These stairs are made of rock and did have a few loose rocks on them. Careful footing was needed but we did not feel they were slick.

I was quite excited and led the way, even though I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, the path and destination were obvious.

Just before the cave
Looking up from the bottom of the stairs

The Sea Cave

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, the cave opens up and is absolutely beautiful. We didn’t go back into the cave but it looks like you probably could. The rocks in the cave were slick.

First glimpse of how large this cave is.

Back at the Beach

After we took photos and just enjoyed the beauty we went back up and drove to the beach. You can either park on the top or there is a road that goes directly down to the beach. We drove. The beach was beautiful. There were more people than we thought there would be, about a dozen. A few were sunbathing, but most of the people we saw looked like they were preparing to go underwater diving.

Look how clear this water is!!!


I am so glad we decided to add Koutalas Beach and Sea Cave to our Crete agenda. If I were to do this all over, I would have come prepared to swim and to snorkel at the Beach.

Planning & Tips

If you plan on using your cell phone for GPS or taking photos I found this I Walk phone charger to be a life saver. The vehicles we drove in Greece did not have phone charges adaptable to ours. This lightweight easy to carry charger saved me many times.

I also bought a National Geographic Map of Crete and this was priceless as we lost our GPS several times. The map is pretty accurate and durable. It certainly did help us out! The map is quite large but folds up like a typical map. Half of Crete is on one side of of the map and the other half of Crete is on the other side.

While planning our trips to Crete, I found the travel guide Top 10 Crete to be very useful. For one thing, it lists the top 10 places to go, restaurants, and sites. Additionally, it also lists the top 10 by region and area. Given these points, I felt it was a great planning tool, plus it came with a pocket size map which we did use.

True Trips, Greece. Each time we traveled to Greece, we let True Greece plan much of our trip! We had them plan our lodging and also our transfers to and from airports and ferry ports. They also planned some of our tours and some dinner accommodations. They know the ins and outs that we would never think of. As a matter of fact, they are from Greece. This is invaluable, as it assures for a smooth trip. I 100% recommend True Greece, they are experts and they work hard to plan with you! (we are not affiliates of True Trips nor do we receive a commission. We just love their services and want to share for others interested.)

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