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Tour the Temple of Poseidon

We had arrived in Athens, Greece on Sept 19, 2021 and a tour to the Temple of Poseidon was on our agenda. The Temple of Poseidon is located about 40 miles south of where we were staying at in Athens. It overlooks the Sounion Bay.


The Temple of Poseidon is an ancient Greek temple it is believed to be dedicated to Poseido, God of the Sea. Built in Doric style, this temple overlooks the Sounion Bay and has a historic strategic view point. In ancient times, this temple was a sacred area. Many credit the same architect who built the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece with this one as well. Homer referred to the temple in “Odyssey”.

The Temple

The tour for us began when we left the hotel and continued as we arrived at the Temple of Poseidon. Our tour guide told us history and interesting facts as we drove through Athens. We enjoyed driving along the coastline and along trail Athens Riviera while our guide continue to keep us entertained with his knowledge of the area.


All in all, we enjoyed our tour of the Temple of Poseidon, not just for the historic aspect but the beauty of the area as well. Even though we are not big on tours we are definitely glad we did this one!

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