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Lovers Key Beach at Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Lovers Key Beach Florida

Fort Myers Beach in Florida has a perfect beach getaway at Lovers Key State Park. It is my favorite beach in this area. We were there in Sept of 2015, Steve and I were still dating and traveling to Fort Myers Beach was our first trip we took together. His Mom lives in North Fort Myers Beach so we traveled to visit her and also to enjoy some beach time.


Lovers Key Beach

This beach is part of Lovers Key State Park. It is part of some small barrier islands between Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Springs. The beach is located furthest out, along the coast. What I loved most about this beach is that we were the only people here! The beach is a beautiful white sand beach with lots of sea shells along the shore. The view is terrific.

In the past, I don’t know how long ago, Lovers Key could only be reached by boat, I have heard that supposedly Lovers went there to be alone and this is where its name came from. Now you can easily get close by car. We parked at the State Park lot and walked through the green area of the park, which was low lying brush and some trees. There were many trails in the area so we just kept walking towards the ocean until we found the beach. The path easy to walk in as it was sandy.

Once at the beach, we enjoyed the scenery, soaked up some sun, and went shelling. As a matter of fact, there was a tree lying on the beach full of shells deposited all over it. Hanging at this beach was a great treat for me as at this time, I hadn’t been to many beaches and I was like a little kid in a sandbox.

Flippers Restaurant

After the beach, we went to a restaurant called Flippers which wasn’t far away. A big plus is Flippers overlooks the intercostal waters with frequent dolphin sightings! Over the years, this has become one of our favorite places to eat in the Fort Myers Beach area when we come to visit his mom. What I particularly love is the Key Lime Pie! It is pretty amazing!


Lovers Key Beach and Lovers Key State Park in Florida are both places I enjoyed and look forward to going back to. You can’t go wrong with a nice beach, plenty of sun and ocean! Of course meeting Steve’s mom and her man Al for the first time was awesome as well! She is an amazing British gal and sweet as can be. Al is a great guy and we love going to their home for a visit! We were planning on heading to Florida at the end of March to celebrate her 91st birthday but Covid-19 put a halt to that. Hopefully we will get there soon!

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