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Knossos Palace in Crete, Greece

Knossos Palace

What is Knossos Palace?

Exploring the Knossos Palace was on our must see list when we visited Crete and it did not disappoint. The Palace of Knossos is the oldest palace in Crete. Originally settled as early as 6700 BC during the Neolithic Period. In 1900 BC a palace was built on the original ruins of the first settlement by the Minoan Civilization. This was destroyed, around 1700 BC, presumably by an earthquake, and then rebuilt. In 1450 BC many of the palaces of Crete were destroyed, although Knossos appeared to still be in use. Many theories as to what happened are out there, but the general belief is Mycenean’s from Mainland Greece occupied the area and took it over. Furthermore, by 1380 BC, Knossos appeared to have been abandoned for unknown reasons.

Location of Knossos Palace

Knossos is located about 5 km south of modern day Heraklion in North Central Crete. It is easy to locate. Once in the parking lot, head back towards the street and follow the signs. The entrance is about a block from the parking lot. In addition, there are plenty of souvenir shops and some places to eat across the street.

Excavation and Restoration

Discovered in 1878, the Knossos Ruins a great piece of history.. In 1900, Sir Arthur Evans, from England, brought a team in and began excavating the site. As a matter of fact, much of what you see today is from his work and studies. Equally important, he used scientific knowledge and ideas to name the rooms and in the same way, hypothesized about what there actual useless were.

By and large, the Palace was built around a central area consisting of different rooms, or areas for different purposes. Important to realize, a lot of the naming of rooms and believed purposes for the rooms are based on other ruins, or hypotheses of this time. Fresco remnants were found throughout Knossos and Sir Arthur Evans hired an archeological restorer to recreate some of these frescoes. As a result, copies of these restored frescoes are throughout the palace. In addition, the original restored frescoes are at museums including the Heraklion Archeology Museum in Heraklion. Its interesting to note, many of the rooms are restored to what Evans believed to be accurate based on historic evidence. I found the following link to be interesting and to give a good explanation of the restoration process at Knossos.

Knossos Palace Photos

North Entrance & North Pillar Hall

Throne Room

Fresco Room-Above the Throne Room

South Portico of Knossos Palace

South Propylaea-Prince of the Lillies Fresco

Grand Staircase at Knossos Palace

Storage Area, Staircase & Theatrical Area

Lunch at Taverna Stefanis

After touring Knossos we headed towards Elounda opting to go through the mountains. Of course, we were pretty hungry after a busy morning and looked for an out of the way place to eat. As a matter of fact, we found the perfect spot in the small mountain town of Krasi. The Taverna Stefanis. This place is amazing! The food is fantastic and plentiful and the service is also second to none! In addition, it is family owned and operated. This place is truly a gem!

Check out this great food!! From top, left to right. Fava. Tzatziki. Greek Meatballs. Saganaki (Fried Cheese). Fresh Fruit and Desserts! As can be seen, we ate well and were very happy!

Elounda Peninsula All Suites Hotel

We arrived at Elounda close to sunset and checked into our hotel, the Elounda Peninsula All Suites Hotel. This place is beyond wonderful! The service is outstanding and the views from our room and deck were amazing. In fact, this place is simply outstanding. All in all, the hospitality of the staff is what truly makes Elounda Peninsula stand out. For more information or to book a room click here.

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